Fergus Integration Instructions

We have now integrated with Fergus to provide you with seamless invoicing!

Just follow these steps to connect your Harrison Bloy account to your Fergus account:

Step 1

Log in to your Harrisonbloy Trade account and select your name in the top right corner of the screen.  Then select ‘Integration Partners‘.

Step 2

Select ‘Connect to Fergus’

Step 3

Log into your Existing Fergus account

Step 4

Navigate to Fergus –> Settings –> Integration Centre

Step 5

Select “Harrisonbloy”, and open the “Configuration” tab, and toggle the email integration on

Step 6

Click on the “Send email” button to trigger the default email client or software on your computer, with the email template shown below.

Input ar@harrisonbloy.co.nz as the Recipient and then send manually.
(Please note: The “Send email” button doesn’t automatically trigger or send an email to the supplier).

The other option is to simply Copy (click button) the special Fergus email address, and email that out to ar@harrisonbloy.co.nz with a request that supplier documents, in .CSV, be sent to that special email address.